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To: Geeta Nanda, Chief Executive Officer, Metropolitan Thames Valley Housing Association

MTVHA - Stop the Sackings!

MTVHA - Stop the Sackings!

Please cease all compulsory redundancies during the recruitment freeze caused by Coronavirus restrictions which would make it impossible for anyone to find alternative employment.

Why is this important?

MTVHA is pressing ahead with compulsory redundancies resulting from restructures despite the government guidance to maintain the employment of all staff as far as possible. The organisation has an operating surplus of £149 million (2019) and can afford to wait out the jobs market downturn.

The consequences for staff made redundant during this period will be devastating. Staff will be unable to meet their housing, energy, and travel costs. They will struggle to feed their dependents.

We ask that MTVHA rethink and freeze all redundancies until the virus restrictions have been lifted.

How it will be delivered

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London, UK

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Reasons for signing

  • Disgraceful treatment by mtvh that doesn't really surprise me. They treat their residents in the same way.
  • I am facing something similar from Peabody, after 18.7yrs I was selected for redundancy I unexpectantly received a P45 in the post on wed, no warning, no redundancy letter, no info on the amount nothing.
  • Andrew is a very hardworking invidiual, without his guidance and advice I would have never landed employment. Thanks to him me and most of friends were blessed to work and provide for our family, sad to see this situation unfold.


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