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To: MPs, Armed Forces, British Government

Nepal Earthquake! British Gurkhas NEED to help their own home country!

The cause was heard and acted upon. We won!

Nepal Earthquake! British Gurkhas NEED to help their own home country!

Send out Nepalese Gurkha Troops to Nepal!

Why is this important?

In light of the earthquakes that are happening in Nepal right now, Nepal as a nation will forever be thankful for the international aid that has been provided from countries worldwide; but as a Nepali citizen living abroad, the utmost worst feeling you can experience at a time like this, is helplessness. No other Nepali person will be feeling this helpless more so than our brave Gurkha soldiers. At a time where their home country has been weakened already more than it previously was, it is a hard piece of knowledge to possess when you are 4,532 miles away.

Dated from 24.04.2015, Nepal has faced a terrifying nightmare. Nepal has been hit by a horrific earthquake with a magnitude of 7.9 and thus, killed many people and destroyed many lives. It is reported that the death toll has been more than 2000 people and the number of casualties are tremendously rising. Many people are obliged to sleep on streets and parks for their safety and country is in the scarcity of basic needs like clothes, foods, water, and electricity and so on.

As a daughter of a Gurkha soldier currently still serving in the British Army, I know first hand, the amount of misery and heartache my father (along with other Nepalese personnel serving in the British Armed forces) feels knowing, that the job which is supposed to represent their homeland abroad, cannot do anything to help his/their own motherland.

Therefore, I am starting the petition to urge UK government to deploy British Gurkha troops to Nepal in order to help all of the people that are in need and their country where they are originally from. I hope this petition will reach the UK Government (Due to upcoming elections on 7th May - the UK Government E-Petitions site is not accessible). I believe it is worth a try, at a time like this when I cannot feel more helpless than I already do.

Especially since this year it is G200 (200 years since the Gurkhas have been in the British Army), what more love and joy could this bring to our boys? Knowing that they could first hand, can help their country at a time Nepal needs it the most.

Brigade of Gurkhas gained reputation as a formidable fighting and rescuing force over the years. They can certainly make lot of good impact as they know the language, culture and the country in depth.

This petition is open to all and you do not have to be a Nepali national to sign up to this petition. You just have to understand the message that I am trying to convey. Anyone can sign up! More the better chance to reach the government!

SO please, speaking on behalf of all Nepalese nationals living abroad who are feeling helpless and heartbreak, that they are having to see this misery bestowed upon their country, please sign this petition. Even if the rest of us can stay back and try and help any way that we can, we can send out our boys, the ones who know they can make a difference.

Thank you,

Kriti Rana.


Reasons for signing

  • "We get 5 hours early notice to move on Operation to save the world from terrorism but today to save and help my own country we are unknown."
  • Because my wife is Nepali and I love the country as much as my own. Gurkhas should be allowed to help their mother country.
  • It's time for the Gurkhas to serve our own country..


2017-07-22 15:44:44 +0100

Petition is successful with 9,503 signatures

2015-05-05 09:44:00 +0100

Petition is successful with 9,472 signatures

2015-04-26 23:41:56 +0100

It's at 7,000 strong since I last refreshed my page!

Thank you to everyone who has signed up, is spreading awareness and showing support for this cause! As many of you might already know, the first troop of 33 Gurkhas from engineers are already preparing to leave for Nepal. There might be more I haven't heard about? Either way it's great news for our troops and our country! But this is all due to you guys supporting us! So thank you!

I've also been reading all of the kind comments, we are grateful to have supporters like you! <3

Love, Kriti.

2015-04-26 18:50:56 +0100

5,000 signatures reached

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1,000 signatures reached

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500 signatures reached

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