To: Phil Confue (Cornwall NHS Foundation Trust chief executive), Derek Thomas MP, Kate Kennally (Cornwall Council chief executive)



As a matter of urgency, to reduce bed blocking, commit to deliver a BRAND NEW modern community hospital serving the Penwith area of West Cornwall. To help fund this, insist that NHS England reinvests proceeds from its sale of old NHS properties/land such as Poltair and Edward Hain hospitals and Belair Clinic.

Why is this important?

The NHS crisis in Cornwall has just got worse. The whole service is in special measures because some hospitals, including Treliske, are judged to be failing.

People are unable to leave hospital because there are too few community hospital beds and there is too little home care. Here in West Cornwall, Poltair Hospital has been sold. Edward Hain hospital is closed for fire safety and may never re-open.

Patients are being sent to Camborne. There has been no proper future plan by the local NHS. So we are calling for a new modern community hospital facility that can replace the expensive old Victorian buildings.

This facility should serve the whole Penwith area, be accessible by public transport and car, and help to train home care assistants for the future.

What about funding?
We are calling for the proceeds from the sale of local NHS buildings to be reinvested locally, including Poltair, Edward Hain and Belair Clinic (already allocated as a site for housing - including affordable). These sales can raise £3-4 million towards the cost of a new facility.

Friends of Edward Hain Hospital could also see their £600,000 invested with NO RISK their money will be wasted. At present, they could see Edward Hain fire safety improvements use all their cash but the hospital could be closed again in a few years. A modern 21st century community hospital designed as a building to provide integrated care and health support makes more sense.

This proposal would also save the NHS money in the future, by cutting the cost of bed blocking year on year...

Why now?
If beds are to be unblocked something must be done. We have lost two community hospitals, yet the money from their sale can be reinvested.

Wherever it works best in the Penwith area:
 St Ives, Hayle, St Erth and Penzance are all options. It could even be part of an extension of West Cornwall or Hayle hospitals. The important thing is to agree we need a facility for the whole area, easily accessed by public transport and car. If a site can be found that reduces the project cost (eg by using Council-owned land), that could help.

AGREE? Please back St Ives Labour Party's campaign! Write to Derek Thomas MP, your councillor and your parish/town council. You can also get in touch with me if you want to help the campaign. Let's do this!

Councillor Tim Dwelly (Lab)
Penzance East

St Ives Labour Party

Penwith area, Cornwall

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Reasons for signing

  • We need St Michael's and West Cornwall to be better able to serve local people, including those from the Isles of Scilly. I have heard that the latter are having to be taken to Derriford in Plymouth, with no subsidy on their travel expences. Routine appointments and elected surgery should be seen as locally as possible, and sufficient beds made available. Reinvestment from the sale of old buildings in new ones is a no-brainer!
  • This is an incredibly important campaign. Our local NHS is in great need of investment and opening a new Community Hospital would serve local people well.
  • Bed blocking is a major issue in Cornwall. I was one of many last year to have an operation cancelled, on more than one occasion, due to bed blocking.


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UPDATE: Cornwall Council Health Scrutiny Committee voted for my proposal to back "investment in a new integrated community hospital in West Cornwall using proceeds from sale of NHS assets as set out in the Cornwall Devolution Deal". Effectively, this petition is endorsed by the committee

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