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To: Derby City Council

No Cuts to Derby Museums

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Jonathan Wallis
No Cuts to Derby Museums

Derby Museums Trust was established two years ago to create new opportunities to develop and sustain your Museums for the future.

We believe that Derby Museums change lives and
Derby City Council should not make cuts to the Museums current funding.

Why is this important?

Budget cuts to Derby Museums at this early stage in the Trust’s development could result in;

• The closure of Pickford’s House
• The reduction of opening hours at The Silk Mill
and The Museum and Art Gallery
• The end of free events for families and young people
• Fewer learning activities for schools and community groups
• Reduced public access to Derby’s collections and cultural heritage

If you live outside the UK you will not be able to sign this petition but if you would like to give us your support please email us -


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Reasons for signing

  • I've been telling everyone that the Strand museum is the best thing about Derby. Now I hear that some rooms have been emptied for 'refurbishment' and I wonder if the outcome will be positive and attract more people, or sadly not.
  • I feel that the museum is integral to our heritage, sense of identity and pride we take in our city.
  • A place to go and reflect.


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