To: everyone

no fracking in england

please sign the petition if you care about the way we are living,do you want deserted countryside as it stand or barron land with no birds or animals because of the gasses that leak out of the ground and water will be polluted so much we wont be able to drink it .
The government have been told about pollution plus tremors could happen yet they have dished out licences like water to destroy our land all for the sake of making money rich get richer,poorer get poorer

Why is this important?

to save our land and countryside.

Reasons for signing

  • I have a fear that fracking will affect the water qualiitym and the UK government should be protecting this basic requirement to life - not selling off the underground with no thought of the consequences.
  • I believe that climate change is a real and present danger.
  • I signed this because I love our beautiful planet and I don't want to stand aside and watch it being vandalised and raped.


2013-08-17 16:12:07 +0100

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