To: To: Jim Harra CEO and Board


You are now putting out tenders for banking contracts so we, the undersigned, strongly urge you to give the contract to an ethical bank with sustainable environmental principles.
Barclays is the current contract holder, which is a disappointment for increasing numbers of us who have moved our money out of bank accounts and pensions etc where our cash is used to finance fossil fuels.
Barclays is Europe’s biggest fossil fuel financier so they are a totally inappropriate choice of bank to be the holders of the nation's tax money.
It has been reported that Barclays is talking the greenwash talk, while continuing business as usual, funding corporations that fund fossil fuels.
Mr Harra, we want your commitment to environmental sustainability not only in recycling and energy saving but in your choices and practices.
Mr Harra, say no to contracting the services of Barclays and any fossil fuel funding financial institution.
Thank you

Why is this important?

Last year I realised that it was not enough to avoid using banks that fund arms and tobacco, I must also stop banking with those that collectively make a colossal contribution to funding fossil fuels.
So in order to make my minuscule contribution towards pulling us back from the cliff edge of the consequences of the climate crisis, I closed my accounts and opened new ones with non fossil fuel funders.
Then, I realised that my tax money goes into a Barclays account.
I wrote to HMRC CEO and asked Mr Harra to offer me an alternative ethical bank option. The request was refused but this is the reply:
"Our banking contract with Barclays was awarded on 24 March 2015. The current contract expires in March 2025 and we are in the process of re-tendering these services.
While we cannot stop interested parties from bidding on this new opportunity, there has been a recent step change in how central government contracts are assessed and awarded.
Since 1 January 2021, in addition to assessing the traditional areas of price and service quality, the Social Value Act requires any competitive tender exercise to also explicitly test a bidder’s ability to deliver environmental, social or economic benefits."
So come on, sign this petition, and demand an ethical banking option for our taxes: a bank that offers environmental and social benefits equally with economic value.
Let's ensure Barclays' contract is not renewed