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No Profit on Water Supply

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Paul Daly
No Profit on Water Supply

Without water a human will die in a matter of days, yet even in the UK we are being ripped off continually. The company that supply me (South West Water) made almost HALF A MILLION POUNDS A DAY in profit in 2014. (source:

Therefore, the people in the South West of the country pay £500,000 a day more than what's actually needed, on a resource that they need simply to survive.


Why should we be made to pay over the odds on such a life-threatening resource such as water? The fact is we simply shouldn't. All the water companies do is essentially take ownership of the rain that has fallen and then sell it back to us.

Sign this petition if you think water should be supplied at cost price, not with added 'fat cat' profit.

Why is this important?

A human could die with 72 hours without water. Having access to clean water is a fundamental right. We have the capability of recycling & cleaning water, but why should any person or individual be allowed to put a 'levy' on supplying such an important resource? We should only have to pay the cost of getting the water, it is morally wrong to charge more and profit from the fact all life needs it to exist.


Reasons for signing

  • Water is a necessity it should never have been privatized. All profits should be used to maintain and improve the systems. The fact that large profits have gone to shareholders is a travesty whilst bills continue to rise.
  • They tried to force it on us in Ireland and we wouldn't have it. Don't accept it Britain either
  • For all the reasons stated in the petition. Water and utilities should never have been privatised Thatcher only saw profits for her friends - hated that something essential could be a 'service'. Blair perpetuated that dogma.


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