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To: Scottish Environment and Protection Agency (SEPA) & Argyll and Bute Planning Council

No industrial fish farm in the Sound of Jura

21/12/17 We won!

Thank you for signing the petition No industrial fish farm in the Sound of Jura, and fantastically it worked. So from all of us here at the Friends of the Sound of Jura, many many thanks this is a huge deal. More infromation below:

Friends of the Sound of Jura (FoSoJ) learned with relief today that Kames Fish Farming Ltd has decided to withdraw their application for a 12-cage fish farm at Dounie Bay, south of Crinan. Under pressure from the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency and Scottish Natural Heritage, they had broadened their original assessment of the farm's environmental impact, and concluded that that it would damage the important wildlife of this Marine Protected Area. The proposal had attracted much concern from a wide spectrum of the local community, many of whom rely on the Sound of Jura to support environmentally sustainable local businesses.

Mark Smith, speaking on behalf of FoSoJ said “We have always maintained that this industrial-sized fish farm should have no place within a Marine Protected Area. The wildlife of the Sound includes the rare Flapper Skate, Porpoises and Otters, as well as smaller rarities like the Northern Sea Fan. They have been spared being smothered in thousands of tonnes of fish faeces laced with pesticides every year. The wild salmon and sea trout which migrate to the River Add have been spared the catastrophic burden of sea lice associated with fish farms. We will continue to promote the Sound of Jura as an important resource for use by the local community, anglers, creel fishermen, scallop-divers, sailors, tourists and all of us who value and depend on the good health of the marine environment.”

No industrial fish farm in the Sound of Jura

Reject a new proposed industrial-scale fish farm that would risk decimating the wild fish population and hurt local eco-jobs at Dounie in the Sound of Jura in Argyll.

Please sign the petition to object to this damaging development.

Why is this important?

Dounie is a beautiful place, much loved by visitors and local people.

This is in an area of outstanding natural beauty . Farming over 1.1 million farmed salmon and trout here would risk one of the last remaining rivers in Argyll that still has a healthy population of wild sea trout and salmon as the thousands of sea lice generated are deadly to the natural population. It would result in minimal jobs- no more than 6 - and hurt many more local eco-tourism jobs given that it will put off many water-sport enthusiasts as the effluent it would pump out would be the equivalent of pumping out raw sewage.

Dounie is on their migration route which, so far, is free of other fish farms and their negative impact on wild fish populations. We need to take a stand to protect this natural habitat.

Scotland earns far more from tourism than from fish farming and employs c.11% of all Scots.

Please do sign the petition to show your opposition to this proposal.

Argyll and Bute

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