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To: Birmingham City Council Planning Department

No to students flats by our nursery

No to students flats by our nursery

Reject the planning application 2020/01881/PA

Why is this important?

Selly Oak Nursery School is a historical building and establishment, part of the Cadbury history in the local area, and has stood here for over 100 years. We pride ourselves on providing an Outstanding provision for our children and families, and with the proposed structure, a huge part of this would be removed. There is a huge priority in our methods of educating children to use outdoor spaces, one of which is our Forest School area. We have planted trees and various other garden plants and established a strong boundary for our children. Without natural light, these plants would not survive. The structure being planned, would take out a huge part of our nursery environment.
If this proposed building was created and used for the purpose stated, there would be safeguarding concerns, as it would directly overlook our outdoor area and nursery building. Children would be in full view of anyone staying in this accommodation, which is obviously something which should not be taken lightly.
This building would also cause much more traffic in the local area, creating pollution issues and congestion.
We are disappointed that the planning application document was received by ourselves only on Friday 8th January, due to our Christmas holiday post being held by the post office, therefore this has given us very limited time to prepare a formal objection.


Reasons for signing

  • Safeguarding concerns. Students windows overlooking children’s play area is not appropriate.
  • This development will have a negative impact on forest school activities.
  • Safety of the children comes first !!!


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