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To: Jeremy Wright. Culture Secretary.

No TV Licence Payment for over 75 year olds.

No TV Licence Payment for over 75 year olds.

Give the BBC back the funding to enable it to change the decision to make over 75's pay the TV Licence Fee.

Why is this important?

Tv is often the main if not only source of company and entertainment for people over 75. This is the 'resilient generation' HM Queen Elizabeth spoke of at the D-day remembrance ceremony recently who made so many sacrifices in World War Two on our behalf. They often don't claim pension credit even if they are entitled to it, such is their pride. To make them pay the TV Licence is iniquitous especially in view of the enormous salaries paid to BBC executives and presenters. The BBC needs to rethink it's priorities budget-wise and the govt. needs to fund this important social service to elderly citizens.


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Reasons for signing

  • If they can afford to pay Gary Linekar, Chris Evans etc the salaries they are paid, they can afford to provide a free licence to pensions. Disgusting behaviour from the BBC.


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