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To: HM Government

No UK EU Budget contribution surcharge

To refuse to pay any of the EU Budget contribution surcharge currently being demanded as 'punishment' for our national economy being more successful than other European countries.

Why is this important?

It is further evidence of how Brussels is taking more and more control of our nation's finances. We are not in the Eurozone and we are not here to bail out continually failing countries who often do not even bother to collect taxes from their own citizens. It is not only another slap in the face to the British tax-payer in general but particularly to all the public sector workers who's enforced pay freeze has helped to boost our own economy. Enough is enough! If the EU don't like it - we should leave.


Reasons for signing

  • Universal & unconditional cash benefit/income support/basic to relieve the poor ! There should be no EU contribution surcharge. Our economy only appear to been boosted (there is not much of it in the real economy), because bankers & the super-rich got more money, so the recession is just somewhat less deep than before. The EU should not extract money from us while increasing inequalities.
  • Just reinforces the many reasons why we should leave this undemocratic and corrupt EU. Vote UKIP and force the issue at an early date after the 2015 election
  • This is outrageous! We're being bled dry by this monolithic outfit. No - no - no!


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