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To: The President of the Family Division. The Minister for Children and Families. The DfE

Bring in new laws to support our children and families who struggle because of the child's past

There is a crisis with children in care and for those with special needs.
We urgently need legislation and statutory guidance that is more family centred.
Please meet with us and other stakeholders to try to develop new laws that work for our children and families, and not against us, when family life becomes difficult because of the legacy of the child's past.

Why is this important?

The 1989 Children’s Act has left us with 20th century legislation. We now need legislation that is fit for 21st Century in the light of significant social change and knowledge gained over the last 30 years about the detrimental impact of childhood adversity:
• Laws must be supportive of the child, but also more supportive of family relationships - not so potentially divisive of the child and family, when our children have already suffered so much deprivation and loss.
• Many children and families are suffering under austerity - especially ours, when our children struggle to cope with the impact of their early life experiences - making our family lives extremely difficult. Sometimes this means we cannot live together as a family - but our children still need us and they need to feel secure that we are there for them 'come what may', especially when we must live apart for no fault of theirs or ours. They will have suffered so much loss already and it is heart-breaking that the children should suffer more.
• Local authorities are supposed to 'work in partnership' with us, but after a child goes back into care we are finding this rarely happens. These cases never seem to get taken back to court by Independent Reviewing Officers.
• There is also no way for our children, who cannot live with their families, to access help through the Adoption Support Fund, which helps adopted children and some special guardian children - we think it should help all our children, regardless of where they live.
• Sometimes, sadly, it is necessary for our children to live apart from us, but it does not mean their problems are removed, especially when these problems stem from the child's early life adversity. The child's sense of stability and security can be totally eroded and their futures may be destroyed.

How it will be delivered

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Reasons for signing

  • I have created this petition because I feel so powerless to achieve dialogue in any other way - when I see so many sad cases where there is a divisive approach taken that undermines all the years of hard work that is done by parents and caregivers trying to do their best for children who are unable to live with their birth parents.
  • Cos I don't believe in bad parents, just parents that don't cope for whatever the reason and they need the support in place. Not everyones a natural & it's a child's right to know thier parents.
  • I've signed this petition because I feel helpless in a wrongful section 31 care order where all support goes to foster carers who then give notice and my son becomes a regular pinball kid that even the local authority probably don't know where he is probably living at moment. All I know is that it is inappropriate for him placement and in breach of his children rights under a false assertion by LA that they want what is best for him which seems endless number of placements with no way home.


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