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To: EIJB - Edinburgh Integration Joint Board



We want the EIJB to either reverse their decision and allocate the applied for funding to each of the services affected OR source 1 years funding for each organisation to allow time to secure an alternative funding solution for the future.

Why is this important?

Cutting funding to these organisations will force complete closure of some centres and a dramatically reduced programme of groups/services to others. This will have severe consequences on the local community, young and old, with detrimental impacts on their health and well being.

Pilton Community Health Project, Pilton Equalities Project, North Edinburgh Timebank, Drylaw Neighbourhood Centre, Muirhouse Millennium Centre, Almond Mains Initiative and North West Carers all face major cuts to their services. Some will have to close.

These projects provide a lifeline for many people. They offer support for women experiencing domestic abuse; breakfast clubs for children; activities for older people; counselling and support for those with mental health problems; access to food for those on low incomes; literacy work with people with learning disabilities; low cost handyman service for older people and more.
These services enable people to participate in their community, keep themselves active and healthy. Poverty and social isolation blight our communities. The organisations were already working to the limits of their resources and still not meeting all the need.

North West Edinburgh

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