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To: Bank of England

Nye Bevan's portrait on the new £50 note

Nye Bevan's portrait on the new £50 note

We call for the Bank of England to put a portrait of Nye Bevan on the new £50 note.

Nye Bevan founded the NHS in 1948. Today, it is the closest thing the British people have to a national religion.

Why is this important?

Most of us in the UK today were delivered by an NHS midwife. Most of us in the UK today will die in the care of an NHS doctor or nurse. Show your appreciation of the greatest cradle-to-grave healthcare system in the world, by signing the petition to put a portrait of its founder on the country's largest banknote.

Reasons for signing

  • Bevan knew and understood what society should be as opposed to what it was before NHS. Nye Bevan saw the big picture and all of us who live in the UK are in his debt. We need to honour him and others who fought the fight for a better tomorrow and a better form of civilisation. God bless you Nye Bevan.
  • The pursuit of the benifets of collectivism to bring about the change and subsequent annihilation of the growing far right in a world based on greed
  • Born in the NHS!


2018-10-21 10:34:09 +0100


This petition is growing really quickly but YOU can help it grow even faster.

If you're an NHS employer, a Trade Unionist, or a member of any political party sympathetic to the issues, please ask your colleagues to sign it. And ask them to help promote it, too. There are links for posting it on all the social media platforms you use.

Together, we can stop Thatcher 😀

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From the Bank of England's website: "The Bank will announce a character selection process for the new £50 note in due course, which will seek nominations from the public for potential characters to appear on the new note."

Please OPT IN to receive updates from this petition, so that you can support the choice of Nye Bevan when the call for nominations opens. Thank you.

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