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To: Jeremy Hunt

Open Deerpark Surgery in Witney

We want the OCCG to get our surgery re-opened as per the instructions of the IRP. They have know since April 14th 2017 that this was the notification of the IRP and they have done NOTHING.
Sir, you are in control please can you deal with our OCCG and make them get a move on and put into action the re-opening?

Why is this important?

They care less that the other surgeries in Witney are now struggling with all the extra patients they had to take on. Now its 6-8 weeks to see a GP. Meantime more and more houses are being built in the vicinity of the Deerpark surgery. This means that a MINIMUM of 10.000 people will be wanting to sign onto a surgery. The local GPs are already overstretched and find it very difficult to see all patients, I myself have complex health problems and in 6 months I have seen my GP once. I have had to attend the surgery at other times and have experienced lack of care in no follow up and terse nurses, who are also under pressure. I am 72 and don't have any quality of care as I did with Deerpark. Not once had my BP checked or my Diabetes, both these were checked regularly before. I am also at serious risk of a heart attack or stroke, I just feel this could happen and no one will even care.
All patients of the surgeries in Witney need to sign the petition as this affects them greatly too.

Witney Oxfordshire

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2017-10-31 09:44:23 +0000

We have a meeting tomorrow evening in Witney Corn Exchange @6.30pm. Please come along, all patients in Witney welcome, you may not have been a patient at Deerpark, but their plans for Witney need to be heard by you so you can protest at the impact their plans have had on your surgeries and you. Come on sign the petition it only takes a few seconds and it needs your input to get the Government to listen. If you do nothing, the NHS will end and it will be TOO LATE.