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To: Lord Gardiner

Open Keepership for Prohibited Dogs

In the event that Breed Specific Legislation is not repealed following the recent Efra Inquiry, we urge the Government to amend/repeal SI 138 to allow any dog deemed to be a prohibited breed but that poses no danger, to be able to be rehomed to a fit and proper person if no owner can be found or for any other reason .

Why is this important?

Currently, hundreds (minimally) of friendly dogs are being destroyed annually because the law does not allow suitable homes to be found for them. Legal crossbreeds can be deemed an illegal dog despite being ideal family pets. Once a dog has been deemed type it cannot be rehomed unless its owner has died or is seriously ill or, in a few cases, can live with someone who has previously had care of the dog.

All major UK organsiations say BSL does not work and that dogs that pose no danger should be able to live with any fit and proper person.

The Metropolitan Police also have no objection stating with Inspector O’Hara stating

" On a point of principle, we would go by the view: nice dog, nice person, no problem. We would be reasonably happy, with some degree of relaxation, about whether a home could be found for that particular dog that did not cause us a problem."

Only Lord Gardiner on behalf of Defra have any opposition to such an entirely reasonable request.

"Chair: Just to finally get to the point about the Battersea dog that was put down, as far as you are concerned, that is just collateral damage. It was a pit bull type and it may have been good-tempered, but as far as you are concerned, just put it down. Is that where you are?

Lord Gardiner: Yes."

Killing a perfectly friendly dog when the law can easily be changed to allow dogs that pose no danger to be rehomed to a fit and proper person for any reason, is not what we expect while we pride ourselves in being nation of animal lovers.

While repeal of BSL is our preferred option, this petition asks for us to be allowed to stop killing friendly dogs in the name of the Government and failed legislation and instead, allow them to find suitable keepers.

For more information please go to Draconian Dogs Act on Facebook




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