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To: Clare Moonan (Brighton & Hove Counsellor for the Homeless)

Open Night Shelters for Rough Sleepers - Brighton & Hove

We Won!

The issue was discussed at full Council in Brighton and supported unanimously.

Open Night Shelters for Rough Sleepers - Brighton & Hove

Open night shelters in Brighton and Hove as soon as it is cold and wet rather than waiting until it is below freezing.

Why is this important?

Brighton has experienced a massive drop in temperatures and rough sleepers can be seen all around Brighton. The councils decision as to when to open them is arbitrary.

Homeless people who sleep rough on Brighton's streets are at risk of poor health, theft, abuse and violence.


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Reasons for signing

  • Providing adequate shelter for homeless individuals needs to be a priority in Brighton & Hove. If the council has voted to act, they should do so, without creating further delays.
  • I was homeless once and obviously it isn't a great circumstance you'd like to find yourself in. I work as a doorman now and this cold is biting. I can only imagine how cold these people are sleeping rough, to the point of illness or worse. This weather can be fatal, so please PLEASE can we open night shelters for the homeless.
  • Can't be nice to be on the streets any time of the year especially in winter


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