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To: City of York Council

Oppose The Mount School Playing Field Development in York

Oppose The Mount School Playing Field Development in York

Please don't build 12 executive homes on a portion of The Mount School playing field.

Why is this important?

A planning application to build 12 executive homes on The Mount School playing field has been submitted to City of York Council.

Many within our community are opposing the plan, and believe the development;

1. Is contrary to National Planning Policy which advises against building on playing fields, and states developments must be in accord with locally agreed plans. The City of York Council’s existing development plan identifies the land as a Playing Field and not land for housing.

2. Will exacerbate traffic on our already congested streets, posing a safety risk for children, drivers, cyclists and pedestrians.

3. Will increase flow into already inadequate drains, worsening our poor drainage and sewage issues.

4. Will have a negative impact on the wildlife that the playing field supports, including hedgehogs, toads, owls, newts and bats.

The council has rigorously assessed 800 sites in the city for development and The Mount School playing field was not one of these sites.

Selling a portion of the field for housing sets a precedent for further development of the site, and other playing fields around the country, risking greater facility loss, detriment to ecology and our communities in the future.

How can I support the campaign against the development?

As well as signing this petition, you can lodge your opposition to the plans. This must be done by 24th September, by;

1. Commenting on the application online at: and entering the reference 18/01655/FULM

2. Email:

3. Write to City of York Council’s planning team at: Development Management, City of York Council, West Offices, York YO1 6GA.

For further information about the plans, help with composing an objection, or the group please contact Murray Rose at:

Please support our campaign

The Mount Vale Community, York


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Reasons for signing

  • The approach roads are already congested. Executive homes are not necessary. Playing fields are a precious and dwindling commodity. It will blight the lives of local residents and will not stop dwindling pupil numbers
  • We are far too keen to get rid of our green areas in the middle of York. Please don’t let this one go.


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