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To: The Rt Hon Claire Perry MP

Park Homes Freedom to choose Energy Suppliers

Park Homes Freedom to choose Energy  Suppliers

To bring the Campaign to the house of commons for a debate is it fair that Park Home owners cannot choose there electricity Suppliers.

Why is this important?

We have to get it of the site owner third party and have no say ,its unfair the law needs to be changed .We should be able to choose and get the best deal ?
Some site owners will not let you see the Bill and how it is worked out ,under the legalization and Law of the 1983 Mobile Home Act it is Illegal to with hold that information or to charge more for the supply ?


Reasons for signing

  • Our site owner has just increased our electricity by 25% but will not tell us who the supplier is or show evidence of how much they are being charged.
  • Because my site owner will not tell me how much he buys the gas and electricity in for before selling it onto me.
  • Only have one choice of supplier site owner


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2019-04-26 14:11:22 +0100

Hi Everyone thank you for your signatures its going well please can you leave some comments as to why you have signed helps others to understand our plight? Your Administrator R.K

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2019-04-24 16:08:05 +0100

In determining the non-compliance of directions and a failure from the site owner to provide documentation regarding the Electric bills or water bills is classed as unreasonable behavior this comes under The Applied Terms which are Legal terms and are lawful under those terms . So If your site owner refuses to give you information ie Bills for the whole site and hows it is calculated .The first step is to ask by letter directly ,if you get no response ,then start Legal proceedings at the Tribunal Court details and link below .

2019-04-24 09:34:55 +0100

Important Information .
Jurisdiction .
Paragraph 22 sets out the site owners obligations :
B: If requested by the occupier,provide free of charge documentary evidence in support and explanation of any charges for gas electricity,and water ,or other services supplied by the site owner to your pitch ,,mobile home . This is an Applied Term it is a legal requirement .For more information contact me .

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2019-04-24 08:46:02 +0100

Thanks everyone for signing the petition its important to get this to the government we will not stand back and be taken advantage of we have had enough we should have the freedom to choose ? Please support me in fighting this battle this is for all Park Home residents ?

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