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To: NSL and Camden Council

Pay Camden NSL workers a real living wage

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Camden Unison

Our NSL members eventually accepted an improved offer from the employers. Thanks to everyone who signed the petition!

Pay Camden NSL workers a real living wage

Pay outsourced workers on the NSL traffic enforcement contract in Camden a real living wage of £9.50 per hour, and stop union-busting. NSL workers are currently paid £8.92 per hour, below the London living wage.

Why is this important?

Camden NSL workers made over £24 million profit for Camden Council last year and contributed to NSL’s £18 million plus profits for the same period.

Working as a Civil Enforcement Officer (CEO: the new term for traffic warden) is a hard and dangerous job. You work in all weather conditions and have to put up with regular verbal abuse and all too often physical attacks. In return you are paid badly and receive very little support or respect from your employers or members of the public. CEOs have to gain qualifications which cover the intricacies of parking law and the other requirements of the job.

The workers' union, Camden Unison, originally requested a pay rate of £10.50 per hour, the rate NSL workers receive in some other London boroughs. However following negotiations the workers agreed they would settle for a rate of £9.50 per hour, but the employers are only offering £9.15 per hour. These workers rightly feel they deserve to earn more than the current minimum wage needed to survive in London, and they have since taken at least 11 days of strike action in support of their claim.

Please support our campaign for a decent increase for these low paid workers.

London Borough of Camden

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Reasons for signing

  • This is a just claim.
  • Because private sector workers deserve fair pay!
  • It is right that these workers get this amount of hourly pay. This is not an easy job to do!!


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