To: British government

Pay carers full sick pay

Carers work tirelessly for elderly and vunerable people, usually for minimum pay. They work under tremendous pressure and it is often heavy, manual work. It is an industry where sick pay is generally not paid. I think in a health industry it should be made compulsory to pay carers full sick pay, as they do in the NHS. On already very low pay, to loose money due to sickness or injury at work puts tremendous stress on employees. Carers often go into work poorly putting the patients and residents at risk as they cannot afford to miss a shift. This is not in the best interests of the staff or resident.

Why is this important?

without carers in this country the social welfare of elderly, vunerable, disabled persons would be put at severe risk. They should be regarded as professionals and paid and treated as such. Paying sick way would protect their health as well as the people they are caring for.


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Reasons for signing

  • Absolutely agree im having to have an op in september and will only get ssp, my hubby had recieved full wages while he had a op and he works in a factory so unfair!!!
  • I work as a carer and the wage is very poor for the work we have to do ssp is far to little it doesn't even cover our weekly wage
  • Because im a carer myself


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