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To: Hackney council

Pedestrianise Felstead Street

Pedestrianise Felstead Street

Grant permission to temporary pedestrianisation of Felstead Street with the view to make this project permanent. Between the junctions of Prince Edward Road and Gainsborough Street . With changes to the current road layout and the suspension of 9 car parking spaces. To accommodates a two-way cycles lane and the addition of planters for both trees and plants, seating areas and cycle parking. All for community use. This will be a community lead project where residents and local businesses will be invited to have input in all stages of the process from design to delivery.

We encourage the community to attend a social distanced meeting that will be held on the pedestrianised part on Prince Edward road on Thursday 18th June at 6.30pm. There will be an opportunity to speak to organisers and other members of the community about the current plans.

Why is this important?

For safer streets, cleaner air and improved well being of Hackney Wick’s Community. To claim back spaces from the dominance of cars on our roads and to create spaces and infrastructure that is designed, developed and installed by us the community for the community for a greener future of us all.

This project is a response to Covid-19 and we have been able to push through the possible road closure with the councils support. The last 2 months have shown the great need for more outdoor space and green areas.

Felstead St, Hackney Wick, London E9 5LT, UK

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