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Rydym ni sydd â'n llofnodion isod yn credu nad oes cyfiawnhad i'r newidiadau arfaethedig gan Brifysgol Aberystwyth ar gyfer cynllun pensiwn staff (sef AUPAS). Rydym yn gwrthod honiad y brifysgol fod y cynllun yn anfforddiadwy. Galwn ar Brifysgol Aberystwyth i ymwrthod â'r cynigion.

We the undersigned believe that Aberystwyth University’s proposed changes to its support staff pension scheme (known as AUPAS) are unjustified. We reject the university’s claim that the scheme is unaffordable. We call upon Aberystwyth University to withdraw its proposals.

Why is this important?

Mae Cynllun Pensiwn Arfaethedig Prifysgol Aberystwyth ar gyfer y graddau isaf yn:


Mae Prifysgol Aberystwyth yn cynnig toriad o 45% yng nghyfraniad cyflogwr, sy'n peryglu diogelwch aelodau’r cynllun hwn ar ôl ymddeol, yn eu plith staff ar y cyflog isaf sy’n methu ysgwyddo’r hyn sydd i bob pwrpas yn doriad cyflog. Er enghraifft, o dan gynllun arfaethedig cynllun AUPP gall drydanwr 50 oed, yn ôl amcangyfrif y Brifysgol ei hun, wynebu toriad o 63% yn ei bensiwn pan fydd yn ymddeol ymhen 15 mlynedd, tra gall arolygydd glanhau 44 oed wynebu toriad o 60% yn ei phensiwn pan fydd hi’n ymddeol ymhen 21 mlynedd.

Erfyniwn ar y brifysgol i gydnabod bod ymosod ar bensiynau yn niweidiol o safbwynt recriwtio staff, eu cadw, symudedd, ysbryd a chymhelliant, a bydd hefyd yn peryglu recriwtio ac addysg myfyrwyr.

The Proposed Aberystwyth University Pension Plan for the lowest grades is:


Aberystwyth University is proposing a 45% cut in employer contribution, jeopardising the retirement security for members, many of whom are the lowest-paid staff and can ill afford what is essentially a pay cut in their older age.

Under the proposed new AUPP scheme, the University’s own pension calculator estimates that an electrician aged 50 could face a 63% cut in pension when retiring in 15 years time, while a cleaning supervisor age 44 faces a cut of 60% in pension when retiring in 21 years time.

We urge the university to recognise that continuing its attack on pensions will be deeply damaging to staff recruitment, retention, mobility, morale and motivation and will jeopardise the recruitment and education of students.


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Reasons for signing

  • Leave pensions alone.
  • outrageous !
  • Whilst pensions are becoming increasingly expensive to fund in the public sector there must be a better way than this to save money!


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A huge thank you to everyone who came along to protest outside the Council meeting in the International Politics building on Friday 9th May at 12pm. A turnout of 70 people at such short notice was fantastic. The Council Members can't be in any doubt how strongly we feel about the pensions issue now.

Each Council member was handed an information pack containing a letter of protest, case study statistics showing the effect of the proposed changes on real people's pensions, and a summary of the reasons why this proposal is so indefensibly unfair.

A link to photos from the day will be posted on the Campaign Facebook Page soon. We will also respond to the points made by the Council President when he came out of the room to speak to us:

Council will make the final decision at their next meeting on Friday 20th June.

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