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To: Kirsten Larson, SNP Councillor Coatbridge North

Permanent closure of the road at the East entrance of Drumpellier Country Park

Permanent closure of the road at the East entrance of Drumpellier Country Park

I am petitioning for the permanent closure of the East entrance of Drumpellier Country Park, at Blair Road, to cars, motorbikes, quad bikes and any other unauthorised vehicles.

Why is this important?

The East entrance of Drumpellier Country Park has been closed to cars and unauthorised vehicles for the past few weeks due to the pandemic. As a result, the road and surrounding areas have been much safer and much more enjoyable for children, families, cyclists, joggers, dog walkers and of course the habitual wildlife in the park.

The Country Park is an area of natural beauty, which had been spoiled by cars accessing the park via this road. More litter is brought and dropped by car users, exhausts pollute the environment, cars park in passing places, cars park on the road beside the football pitches to collect children from St. Ambrose/Buchanan High and drivers going too fast also pose significant risks to the abovementioned groups.

Once lockdown restrictions are gradually eased and people are once again allowed to drive to local nature spots, I passionately believe that visitors to the loch and wider Country Park can and should use the visitor centre car park, which has ample space and is specifically designed to accommodate visitors with cars.

There is no valid reason for vehicles other than waste disposal, authorised council vehicles and a park resident's authorised vehicle to access the park via the road entrance at the East.

Instead the road at the East entrance to the Country Park should be preserved as a safe environment in which people can be encouraged to continue walking, cycling, running and scooting and in which children and wildlife will be safe.

Coatbridge ML5 2EH, UK

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Reasons for signing

  • I agree with all the points raised in the petition. But I would also like to add that the condition of the grass road verges has deteriorated over the years, caused by visitors parking onto the grass along various stretches of the road from the East entrance.
  • Definitely is a more safe and cleaner place at the moment so not keep that way
  • Agree that the access is unnecessary and puts pedestrians and cyclists a like in danger. There is sufficient car parking space within the main area of the park


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