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To: Minister of State for Health, Phillip Dunne MP

Personality Disorder Equality

Personality disorders are a type of mental health problem that affect many people in the United Kingdom, and worldwide. As with all mental health issues, they can vary in their presentation and severity however, personality disorders are greatly misunderstood and result in suffers often being denied basic respect, treatment and opportunities.

I ask that the current NICE Guidelines are reviewed in order to clearly specify that each individual is in fact that, an individual. Holistic approaches to assessments and treatments are required. Current attitudes need to be eradicated, and as NICE Guidelines offer professionals the information and guidance that they require in treating individuals affected by these disorders, they must be revised.

I want The Health Minister to listen directly to the service users that are affected on a daily basis. I want them to be involved in the polices and guidance that are provided by the government.

Why is this important?

Personality disorders are often dismissed as behavioural problems that simply put pressure on to the NHS and cause professional people problems. The truth in fact, is that they are not a choice, they are very real illnesses that often see some of societies most vulnerable people shunned, discriminated against, fall into the criminal justice system, and ultimately lose their lives.

There are many media stories in circulation around personality disorder patients, being denied treatment, losing their lives and being denied basic human rights. This is wrong in one of the wealthiest and developed countries in the world.

We need change. We need a voice. We need compulsory training for all frontline, primary, secondary and tertiary service staff.


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