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To: Councillor Peter Sowray and Councillor Andrew Lee, North Yorkshire County Council

PETITION AGAINST Fracking Application at KM8 Well site at Kirby Misperton

This campaign has ended.

PETITION AGAINST Fracking Application at KM8 Well site at Kirby Misperton

Please listen to the people of North Yorkshire who agree that there are substantial reasons to object to the Application for Fracking at KM8 Well site at Kirby Misperton, North Yorkshire.

Why is this important?

We ask that North Yorkshire County Council reject the Third Energy application for fracking (NY/2015/0233/ENV) due to substantial concerns such as: 
- HIGH TRAFFIC HEALTH AND SAFETY HAZARD from HGVs on narrow roads and junctions eg schoolchildren at the bus stop on the roundabout in Kirby Misperton, combining with existing high volumes of traffic from Flamingoland.
- HIGH NOISE, VIBRATION AND LIGHT LEVELS 24 hours a day 7 days a week affecting residential areas in Kirby Misperton and Little Barugh just half a mile from well site
- HIGH VISUAL IMPACT: KM8 lies in the Vale of Pickering which is designated an area of High Landscape Value in the Ryedale Plan
- HIGH UNCERTAINTY as to the cumulative impact of a 9 year Production phase
- HIGHLY PREJUDICIAL to the development of a County Mineral and Waste Plan, and Ryedale Local Plan sites allocation process, which give local people a voice in where they would like industrial development located.

How it will be delivered

This electronic petition is running alongside a paper-based petition. If signatories to this electronic petition have also signed a paper version, they will be counted only once overall.

This petition will be combined with paper versions of the same petition, containing signatures collected from concerned residents from across North Yorkshire, and presented to the Chair and Vice Chair of the North Yorkshire County Council Planning and Regulatory Functions Committee.

Kirby Misperton

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Reasons for signing

  • It's not just Kirby Misperton. Fossil fuels have to be left in the ground wherever they are or future generations will pay the price.
  • worried about groundwater polution
  • Close to my hometown. The road around kirkbymisperton is already hard enough to get through without more HGVs blocking the roads. The council haven't listened to the people, and ignore their voice. Lost total respect for our council. I thought they were supposed to be changing our area for the better, not the worst.


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