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To: Kent County Council

Petition calling for urgent improvements to accessibility in Ramsgate

We demand an urgent accessibility audit and that KCC fund the improvements to ensure our town is compliant with the Equality Act.

Why is this important?

We the undersigned are appalled at the lack of accessibility in Ramsgate. People with disabilities, including wheelchair users, mobility scooter users, those who need to use other walking aids are being continually discriminated against by being denied access to our town and amenities. There are,

Insufficient dropped curbs
Poorly maintained dropped curbs
Poorly maintained pavements
Appalling signage
Lifts not working
No access to the beach
Insufficient crossings on main roads
Poor access to many shops and cafes
Too few disabled parking bays

KCC need to take urgent action to allow us full access and to respect our human rights as people with a disability.
Ramsgate, UK

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