To: Ministry of justice

Petition: Review & reforms: Sentencing for sexual abuse or violent offences against children

Petition: Review & reforms: Sentencing for sexual abuse or violent offences against children

We, the undersigned, call on the ministry of justice to bring about much needed review and reforms of our sentencing laws for crimes of sexual abuse or violent offences against children

We believe that such sentences need to be appropriate and in accordance with the severity of the crimes of sexual abuse or violent offences against children (we do not believe this is currently reflected under the current sentencing laws)

We demand that our current sentencing guidelines must be changed in order to seek justice and to protect the rights of the innocent, rather than those of the guilty. We believe the current system has proven to be inadequate, which time and time again has been proven to favour the protection of the child abusers’ rights rather than those of the innocent victims.

We would like to sit down and discuss our concerns with a view to a way forward with a representative of the ministry of justice

Why is this important?

In 2013 soft-touch judges let thousands of child sex offenders off with just a slap on the wrist. Out of almost 7,000 child abusers found guilty of sexual activity with children, a shocking 2,862 avoided prison – more than 40 per cent.

Most were given community sentences while 605 received suspended sentences and 41 got only a FINE. Another 1,700 sex offenders got away with police cautions

Alarmingly, more than 1,000 of those found guilty in crown and magistrates courts – one in seven – already had at least one conviction or a caution for a previous sex crime.

A total 429 of these had three or more previous convictions and cautions for sex offences.

We call for concurrent sentences to be scrapped. They serve absolute no purpose. They demean victims, and allow punishment for those offences to be avoided.

We call for the introduction of laws that keep serial child abusers who re-offend in prison 'indefinitely'.

We call for prosecutions for anyone withholding information and/or for not reporting suspected or known child abuse or neglect

We call for a 'minimum' sentence and 'open ended' sentencing guidelines to be introduced. UK courts and their judges display a total inconsistency of punishments that are handed down.

All dangerous 'child abusers' or those that are deemed a threat to children should be GPS tagged when released from prison, thus ensuring they stay away from parks, schools or areas where children play

Why are convicted sex offenders that have been convicted, yet are waiting to be sentenced released on bail, only then to be given the option of absconding?

Over the year of 2013, 102 rape attacks and 206 sex offences against children were carried out by offenders on bail.

The crime of “incest” should be eliminated, and replaced with a flat law against any sexual intercourse or sexual activity with minors, regardless of the biological relationship between perpetrator and victim. An offender should not enjoy a lesser exposure to prison simply because he grew his/her own victim.

Viewing indecent or abusive images of children is not a victimless issue. Every picture or video involves a “real child” being abused or sexually exploited, yet the majority of offenders rarely see the inside of a prison cell

We believe a 'minimum' sentence of 2 years imprisonment must be given to anyone who views, makes or distributes child abuse images. Repeat offenders should face 5 years.

Every convicted child abuser or pervert who views indecent images of children should receive a complete internet ban. Again most rarely do

In 2012, twenty five perverts who admitted raping girls and eight who committed the same offence on underage boys received a caution, and faced no court justice at all - How is that justice?

Even those sent to prison are often freed within months. Approx 20% of sex offenders are jailed for less than a year and 60% for less than three years. Separate figures showed sex assaults on boys and girls under 13 have more than doubled since 2004.

The sexual exploitation and abuse of children is nothing less than a form of terrorism. The severe fear and emotional traumas suffered by the abused can often last a lifetime, especially if the ‘secret’ is never revealed.

There is NO EXCUSE for child abuse! It has to STOP! The destruction of young lives and futures must not be tolerated for another year, day, hour or second! If you are intent on ruining an innocent child's life, then you must be punished appropriately for the evil things that you have done.

Children have rights in society and its every child's right to live in a safe environment, free from harm. We hope to spread awareness of child abuse in todays society and hope more survivors can find the courage to come forward and expose their abusers.

How it will be delivered

By hand

Reasons for signing

  • I believe in this cause. It is the right thing to do for victims, potential victims and it will help as a deterrent to future offenders.
  • to save our children....
  • Cos I'm not a pervert


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