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Petition to Ban Bird-killing 'Trapstik' device

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Petition to Ban Bird-killing 'Trapstik' device

We urge the company 'Rescue' to cease all sales of the 'Trapstik Wasp Trap' devices. This product has been cruelly encouraging the suffering and torture of the surrounding wildlife.

Why is this important?

* The Guardian newspaper reported in 2012 that birdlife in the UK had drastically decreased by 44 million since 1966. You can read this article here:

* Again, this year on April 11th The Guardian reported that more than a quarter of the UK's birdlife is at risk of extinction or a steep decline. The article read that:
'..Red list entries swell to 67 species as conservationists call for urgent action to save birds of Britain including warblers, curlews and puffins'.
You can read this article here:

*Please ban these horrific torture devices now.


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