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Petition to prevent the construction of the gasification plant in Corby

Petition to prevent the construction of the gasification plant in Corby

Corby and the surrounding villages want to make a stand to prevent the construction of the Gasification Plant that will be located on the Gretton Brooke Road Industrial Estate and Shelton Road on the Willowbrook Road Industrial Estate Corby Northamptonshire.

Why is this important?

The people of Corby and surrounding areas want to make a stand to prevent their home from becoming the dumping ground of the UK There are plans for anywhere up to 8 EfW plants planned for our Town. The reason we are taking this action is because of the health implications that come with these plants, Corby has a history of birth defects which were caused by British Steel and the government recently had to pay out millions of pounds in compensation to those poor families involved..we do not want this happening again! Incineration,Gasification and Pyrolisis are at the bottom of the waste heirarchy for a reason, they're dangerous and toxic and we don't want them here, Corby is one of the fastest growing towns in the UK and has been for the past decade or so, these plants with all their toxic fumes and pollution from extra lorry loads will surely kill this town! Please sign and share, thank you for your time and support.
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Reasons for signing

  • Health implications especially for our grandchildren
  • The technology is not proven, many existing plants have caught fire or been closed down for breaches of emissions regs. They appear to be proliferating at an alarming rate. So where is all the waste coming from, if we are committed to reducing waste dramatically?
  • This is an ill considered plan, health implications not considered nor impact on surrounding beautiful countryside.


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