To: An Lanntair

Petitioning An Lanntair to remain closed on Sunday and preserve our distinctive heritage

Petitioning An Lanntair to remain closed on Sunday and preserve our distinctive heritage

It has been brought to our attention that An Lanntair recently considered the trial of Sunday film screenings, for the provision of ‘something for families.’

The mission statement of An Lanntair states, ‘Our distinctiveness lies in being ‘of the place,’ rooted in who we are.’ We agree that the Western Isles is a special place, with a wonderful culture and heritage, which is appreciated and respected throughout our Islands and across the world.

We believe that part of our distinctiveness lies in maintaining a day of rest every Sunday. For one day each week, we can set aside all unnecessary work and activities and enjoy a day of peace and rest.

There is a large Christian community on our Islands who appreciate our day of rest from a Biblical perspective. This would lead some to suggest that it’s merely the older generation and stricter ‘religious’ people who want a day of rest. We believe that this is a misrepresentation and that many Islanders of all ages, circumstances and beliefs are strongly in support of maintaining our distinctive heritage. If An Lanntair is to truly serve our community and uphold our heritage, we believe it ought to remain closed on Sunday.

Why is this important?

We petition stakeholders to take the decision to ensure that An Lanntair remains closed on Sunday. This would be a positive decision which would celebrate our unique and wonderful heritage.

Western Isles

Reasons for signing

  • It's not as if An Lanntair is showing films every day, Monday to Saturday, anyway, so the argument for Sunday opening is spurious. As for making out that it's for the benefit of families, if you're not talking to your children or interacting with them, it's not 'quality time'.
  • We have a distinctiveness in our culture which has an appeal to many, both locals and visitors. We need to learn to appreciate what we have and pass these benefits to future generations.
  • To preserve the Lord's day in our community to honour him and also as a day of rest for our bodies.


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