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To: Councillor John Weighell

Please bring back the No 30 bus

Please bring back the No 30 bus

Dear Councillor Weighell,

Following severe cuts to bus services in North Yorkshire, the Number 30 bus from Richmond to Keld has been left with barely a skeleton service, leaving myself and many other local residents feeling cut off. The service that remains is both inadequate and expensive and does not meet the needs of bus users in this area. North Yorkshire County Council must look again at the number 30 route and ensure that local residents are able to access key public services with the reinstatement of a regular and affordable bus service.

Yours sincerely

Nina Davies

Why is this important?

The number 30 bus from Richmond to Keld in North Yorkshire is very important to me as it is my lifeline.

Living in a rural area, independence is very important for me but following cuts by North Yorkshire County Council my bus service has been withdrawn completely meaning a loss of independence which in turn has triggered a return of severe depression and anxiety.

I travel by bus regularly for my dentist,doctors and psychiatric appointments all of which are over 9 miles away. I am now no longer able to go shopping and do any kind of leisure pursuits with my son as I am unable to get a connection from Richmond to travel by train should I wish to do so.

My son who also uses the bus has now had to stop drama classes as he can no longer get home in the evening. The loss of this service is having a detrimental impact on my state of mind and well-being and we feel our right to public transport has been taken away leaving us in total isolation.
Richmond our nearest town is over 20 miles away.

I cannot drive and I am unable to afford a taxi or costs of other transport as I live on a limited budget. Having to move away from this area would have a devastating impact on my mental health as I would have to leave my job, where my employers are totally supportive of my mental illness, my home where my landladies are also supportive of my mental illness.

Many other people in the surrounding areas have also been badly affected. Both the Government and local council must understand that cutting bus services to make short term savings has hugely detrimental effects on people.

Upper Swaledale also gets a lot of tourists and walkers along the Coast 2 Coast path and Pennine Way during the year who also use the bus services. Cutting off access to the countryside means that businesses and the tourist industry will also suffer.

Please sign my petition to Leader of North Yorkshire County Council: Councillor John Weighell calling for them to think again and reinstate the number 30 bus service between Richmond to Keld.

Muker DL11 6DN

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2014-07-06 12:36:38 +0100

A service has been provided by the little white bus to meet with the connection at Reeth until the 9th August. A couple of drivers are paid but it also relies on volunteers which is not ideal.The cost of going into town has doubled & it is discouraging me & others to use the service. What happens after the 9th August is anyones guess.

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