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To: Sir Keir Starmer MP

Please vote AGAINST the HS2 bill on 23rd March

UPDATE: 29/03/16 - We Won!
Many thanks to all those of you who signed the petition, it received 6,202 signatures!

And it worked. The petition helped to support our MP, Keir Starmer, in voting against the HS2 bill in the House of Commons last week.

We all know that the borough of Camden will suffer terrible damage from the effects of HS2 for over 20 years. In order to vote against HS2, both of Camden's MPs were obliged to defy a three line whip. We are immensely grateful both to Keir Starmer and to Tulip Siddiq (MP for Hampstead and Kilburn) for putting their constituents' interests first.

Thank you Keir and thank you Tulip for standing by us in these dificult times.

Dear Sir Keir

The third and final reading of the HS2 Hybrid Bill in the House of Commons takes place on Wednesday 23rd March.

If HS2 goes ahead it will cause devastation to Camden for over 20 years and will blight the lives of tens of thousands of people.

The Select Committee has concluded that Euston will be the terminus for the new railway. You have rightly expressed this as “all pain no gain for Camden”.

This will be the first and only opportunity for you to vote against legislation that will ruin your constituency for this and future generations.

You are Camden’s MP. We implore you to stand up for your constituents in the face of the biggest ever threat to the Borough’s lives and livelihoods.

We implore you to VOTE AGAINST HS2 on 23rd March.

Camden Citizens

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London Borough of Camden

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Reasons for signing

  • This country cannot afford this. Total waste of money that will ruin villages and the countryside.
  • I grew up in the Camden area and cannot understand why successful business should be closed and historic buildings should be demolished just to increase the travel time up and down the country by a few minutes!
  • HS2 Is flawed, its a government ego project, it is extremely important that communities are not ripped to pieces by a government that doesn't care about now or the future.


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Sunday 20 March: The Labour Party has decided to impose a three line whip on its MPs to vote FOR HS2 on 23 March. This puts Keir Starmer in a difficult position. Will he obey the whip? Or put the interests of his constituents first? PLEASE KEEP SHOWING YOUR SUPPORT BY SIGNING THIS PETITION!
Thank you

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