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To: Rhondda Cynon Taff CBC

Road Safety at Cilfynydd and Norton Bridge

This campaign has ended.

Residents, pupils and parents request that the local authority Rhondda Cynon Taff review road safety in the Cilfynydd and Norton Bridge area. An increased amount of traffic is using Pontsionnorton Road, Cilfynydd Road through to the A4054 to avoid the A470. There are no safe and appropriately placed crossing points for the schools and there has been several accidents over the years.

We ask RCT CBC to take action to ensure the community safety, to avoid loss of life and to safeguard young people and drivers.

Why is this important?

Safe crossing areas are essential to YGG Pontsionnorton and Pontypridd High. The area has not seen any funding or improvement for sometime however following the catastrophic accident recently involving a young person at Pontypridd High and car crash at YGG PSN residents wish to protect the most vulnerable and make areas more accessible whilst slowing the traffic to a safer speed.

How it will be delivered

A meeting with RCT CBC


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Reasons for signing

  • Traffic is getting worse along the Cilfynydd-pontshon norton stretch of road. Something needs to be done to ensure children’s safety both traffic measures and children’s toad safety before there is a fatality... it shouldn’t have to come to that before something gets done.
  • We need to keep our kids safe getting from school and leaving school with low speeds and zebra crossing by the school to reduce the speed


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