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To: East Lothian Council

Port Seton library opening hours

We’re delighted to say we have been successful in getting the library reopened on a Saturday morning. However if usage doesn’t improve the hours may reduce again in 12 months time.

If you live locally please fill in our survey to say what will make your local library better so we don’t lose our library in future.

Thanks again for your support,

Karen Campbell

Port Seton library opening hours

Reconsider and improve the opening hours of Port Seton library

Why is this important?

There are now only two days you can access Port Seton library in the morning and afternoon and two further afternoons per week. No evenings. No weekends. Our community deserves a better library service. We pay our council tax to have access to places like this regardless of how heavily they are used.

East Lothian Council need to stop quietly reducing access to our local library. They need to consider library opening hours to encourage use rather than discourage. For example, the opening hours of North Berwick library, albeit a full time branch, (6 days per week, with at least 6 hours per day) have much more continuity and are much more inviting. Another comparison is Longniddry library where their new opening hours mean they are open 9 hours more per week than Port Seton with a population of under 3,000.

As a community of well over 4,000 people we deserve an equal opportunity to access our local library.

Port Seton

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Reasons for signing

  • Worthwhile cause when so many libraries closing. A valuable resource,
  • East Lothian Council has a minority Labour administration, so I presume they are responsible for this terrible decision to cut library hours. I hope they change
  • The libraries are open when people are either working or at college /school the whole thing requires radical change to ensure the are available for everyone


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