To: Lambeth Council and Brixton BID

Restore the Brixton B OUR GUEST artwork

Restore the Brixton B OUR GUEST artwork

Lambeth Council along with Brixton BID have announced plans to commission a new design at a cost of £10,000 to replace the iconic B OUT GUEST lettering across the Brixton rail bridge. We call on them to instead restore and preserve the existing design.

Why is this important?

-To reprint the existing design on Vitreous Enamel (which is harder to deface with graffiti than the current panels) would be considerably cheaper for the supposedly cash-strapped council.
-B OUR GUEST was the result of a community collaboration by youth groups accross Brixton (see below) - which allowed young residents to contribute to the local environment and community, rather than design/branding agency.
-The design has become a recognisable feature of Brixton, appearing in artwork, photography, and local, national and international publications.
-With Brixton changing and local landmarks at risk, it's important than preserve the history of the the local area.

History of the B OUR GUEST project:
The BOURGUEST design was a result of a Community Art Project facilitated by artist Jason Gibilaro, to have a design that was clearly visible from all travellers entering by bus, on foot and by car as a welcome to Brixton. The B was designed as part of the B Electric campaign to promote Brixton - The 8 other letters resulted from a series of Art Workshops from 8 different Youth Groups across Brixton. Each Youth Group was given the task of designing a letter, with the theme of reflecting the local character of Brixton. 80 young participants took park from than the follow groups to create a letter each:

O Papa Papa's Park Community Playground
U Loughborough Adventure Playground
R Angell Adventure Playground
G Max Roach Adventure Playground
U Tulse Hill Adventure Playground
E Windmill One O Clock Club
S Popular

A credit sign has been installed under the bridge giving details of the project and acknowledging all the participants.
The BOURGUEST design was used for the invitation card for the showcase of Brixton’s Creative and Cultural Community held in the City Hall in March 2004.

Brixton, South Lambeth, London


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