To: Liverpool City Council

Prevent the closure of Everton Park Sport Centre in a deprived area in Liverpool

Update 22/11/17
We won!
Proposals have been made that the centre will go to others to manage so will not close

Prevent the closure of Everton Park Sport Centre in a deprived area in Liverpool

Keep this much needed resource open and bring it up to a better standard.

Why is this important?

Everton Park Sport Centre is situated on Great Homer Street in Liverpool which is an area of high deprivation. The centre provides a venue for many sporting activities alongside a swimming pool which not only holds Galas and training sessions for Liverpool Penguins but provides opportunities for children and young people of Vauxhall, Kirkdale, Everton and Anfield to learn to swim and gain confidence in supervised water activities. It also hosts many adult activity classes and has been the home of Everton Park Gymnastics Club for many decades. There is a proposal that the centre be closed however this would be to the detriment of the local community and the established groups and activities that are delivered at the centre. Many families in the area would not afford the travel costs to other centres and swimming pools to support their children in activity participation. Many GP patients use the centre as part of their gym/swim on prescription and would be unable to access this if the centre closed. In the current climate of obesity and Ill health this centre is a very important resource in helping to deal with such issues.

Everton, Liverpool

Reasons for signing

  • Its a joke the way that cheap gym has opened up across from Everton Park Sports Center. I thought the idea of developing the area was to help? The council should never of let that new gym open.


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