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To: Health and Social Care Information Centre & NHS England

Prevent the Sale of NHS Patient Records to Drug and Insurance Companies

Prevent the Sale of NHS Patient Records to Drug and Insurance Companies

Dear Health and Social Care Information Centre & NHS England

Please do not allow the sale of confidential patient information to 3rd party organizations.

We value patient confidentiality highly. The current proposal, if approved, will destroy that.

The current proposals do not ensure anonymity, because post code and date of birth information can easily be cross referenced with other information databases such as the electoral roll.

The system should be OPT-OUT BY DEFAULT, and patients should be able to view any information that is being shared BEFORE opting in.

The population of England will be forever grateful to you for heeding this plea to protect our privacy.

Why is this important?

Patient Confidentiality is a key concept of healthcare, and close to most peoples' hearts.

These measures, if approved, would mean patient confidentiality will be permanently lost by Spring 2014. Once the data has been sold, it will be in the hands of the Insurance and Drug companies, and there's no guarantee it could ever be recovered.

This could lead to a future where patients are sold insurance based on a number in a database, with the patient never knowing why the insurance cannot be sold to them, or why it is being sold at a higher premium.

We want to govern our own futures, rather than risking something as vital as our healthcare on a database that could end up having the same flaws as automated credit checking systems.

We DO NOT want a future where someone pays a higher rate for a mortgage due to their mother dying of cancer.

For those who wish to opt-out of sharing this information, please visit this site:

Further information about the system here:

Also, a huge thanks to the owners of the above two websites for these invaluable resources.


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Reasons for signing

  • Agree keep info private
  • Medical records MUST be confidential, for use only by health service professionals who are concerned with the patient's medical care. A database containing details of every NHS patient to enter the hospital system has been sold to a marketing consultancy firm. No names, but postcodes and age, so many people can easily be identified. It's our personal information, we should be invited to opt in to the sharing, not not have to opt out.
  • i certainly do not want my medical details 'shared' with anyone, other than necessary personnel


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Comment from someone claiming to have previously worked for HSCIC, from The Guardian comments page. Please note SOURCE UNVERIFIED.

"I used to work for the HSCIC - what a shower of incompetence. A bullying management culture that will not listen to staff advice and will roll over to please the ministers and other "stakeholders."

Their Information Governance arrangements are awful, with poorly created data sharing agreements that will not stand up in a court of law - but they state that they act in compliance with of the Data Protection Act 1998. The pseudonymisation key uses DoB, postcode, sex and NHS Number to produce a so-called secure identifier -but make no mistake, this is reversible. I'm sure that pharma or insurance companies with the correct "partnership arrangements" with the NHS will be able to identify individual patients

I wouldn't trust my data to be held securely by the HSCIC and will be opting out as soon as possible."

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