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To: Director of Public Prosecutions

Prosecute the Daily Mail for contempt

Prosecute the Daily Mail for contempt

We respectfully request Alison Saunders, the Director of Public Prosecutions, to take action against the Daily Mail for their headline 'Enemies of the People' of 4th November 2016.

Why is this important?

For our society to function we need to have respect for our legal framework. The Daily Mail headline of 04 November 2016 referred to three senior judges as "Enemies of the People". It is hard to imagine a headline more contemptuous of senior judges. We believe that such contempt begins a process that could threaten the foundations of our law-abiding society.

We note that the offence of sedition was abolished in 2009, and that an action for Contempt of Court is unlikely. We suggest this headline warrants an action under Section 4A or Section 5 of the Public Order Act 1986. We consider such an action would be overwhelmingly in the public interest.
Is this campaign seeking to 'stir the pot'? No. This campaign is NOT about Brexit. Those who sign up may variously support Brexit, or Remain, or hard or soft Brexit. And this campaign is NOT designed to stifle press debate of judicial decisions.

But it is about preserving something essential to Britain's future - the rule of law.

What unites us is that we strongly oppose the use of inflammatory or intimidating language directed at the judiciary by the press. We believe there is an existing law that makes this illegal. And we would like that law enforced.

How it will be delivered

Assuming an adequate number of signatures, we would stage a press conference.


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