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Protect Biggin Hill St George's RAF Chapel of Remembrance

Protect Biggin Hill St George's RAF Chapel of Remembrance

Stop the part demolition of this iconic Grade II Listed Chapel, built by Sir Winston Churchill in 1951 as a permanent memorial to the 454 fallen airmen from Great Britain, the Dominions and Allied Countries - 'His Boys' - who won the Battle of Britain and flew from Biggin Hill and associated airfields throughout World War 2.

Why is this important?

The London Borough of Bromley has now totally demolished the beautiful, large (circa 70 square metres) Grade II Listed Vestry, which housed the Air Crew Association stained glass window above the door. BUT WE STILL DESPERATELY NEED YOUR SIGNATURES AND SUPPORT! Above is the hideous building that will replace it if we don't act now to get the design changed . (With many thanks to the 'wag' who has doctored the image, aptly re-titling the building to reflect most peoples' opinion of the design.) Does this desecration of our Memorial Chapel make you angry? Email the BHMM Trust and tell them: Please sign the petition and share with your friends to help us fight this monstrosity actually being built. The plan also requires change of use of part of the Nave (the St George's Room) to provide additional space for the new museum, the overall design of which the vast majority of genuinely concerned people find appalling - an ultra modern, stark flat roofed structure enveloping two sides of the Chapel. Please email for more pictures and additional information by clicking on my name, top left of screen.
This inappropriate, unpopular scheme is being financed by the Heritage Lottery Fund to the tune of nearly £2million. Money that should be re-directed to a more sympathetic design 'worthy' of Biggin Hill, 'The Strongest Link' (Station Motto).
Under these proposals, visitors to the Chapel will no longer be able to view the St George's Room with its commemorative stained glass windows, including the St George's Battle of Britain Memorial Window, without paying the predicted museum charge of £7.50.
A Museum is long awaited at Biggin Hill, but the situation is incredible because there is an existing highly praised approved design, by the Biggin Hill Battle of Britain Supporters Club, which in no way affects the Chapel, but could provide the same level of support and with vastly superior facilities at lower predicted cost. Importantly it doesn't require the closure of the Chapel during the building works.
The new Council design will require the closure of the Chapel to visitors, also for services and the funerals of Veterans for over a year whilst building works take place. This was highlighted to great effect at the recent St George's Day Service, when a 95 year old RAF Veteran, proudly wearing his Air Crew Association tie, rose to his feet and announced his days were numbered and he wanted his funeral to be in the Chapel and his ashes placed in the Garden of Remembrance. But he could not die to order, how could they consider closing the Chapel for over a year?!
Since starting this petition, the previously stated total closure of the Garden of Remembrance on Health and Safety grounds has been reviewed.
Other than those in the immediate locality of Biggin Hill, the many other interested parties, including ex-RAF personnel, and relatives worldwide of those commemorated, are in ignorance of these distressing plans!
My previous advice to visit the Chapel is no longer relevant as the London Borough of Bromley has now CLOSED THE CHAPEL TO VISITORS. People arriving from a distance, perhaps even from overseas, will find the gates chained and the site screened from the road. Please direct your comments on the closure to the Trust's email address:

Reasons for signing

  • I signed the petition because its part of our history the council has no right to demolish the vestry at St Georges Royal Air Force Chapel of Remembrance it belongs to the people not Bromley Council
  • 4300 to go let's get this done!!
  • Ex RAF "brat" 77 entry


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As I write this, the roof of he Vestry is being removed!!
The Petition remains open indefinitely to fight the appalling design of the proposed 'museum', now generally acknowledged to be just a 'visitor centre' and totally inadequate for purpose.

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To see BBC TV News reports click here: https://
It is the Downe Village website, when you get there scroll down.

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