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To: Merton Council

Protect Joseph Hood Primary School!

Merton Council intends to try to cover a predicted £32m deficit by potentially selling off the Merton Adult Education (MAE) site on Whatley Avenue to the highest commercial bidder with no thought or consideration of the impact this will have on the 300 children who attend Joseph Hood Primary School.

Why is this important?

Councillors have drawn up and progressed this option with no consultation or briefing with school staff, or any regard whatsoever for the 300 children who will be directly affected if the MAE becomes a residential or commercial property.

We are alarmed by the speed of Merton's decision-making and distressed that Councillors have failed to consult - let alone consider - our school community in moving forward to identify their preferred option in isolation.

We, the parents, carers, relatives and friends of Joseph Hood Primary School, demand that Merton rethink their "preferred option" until a full consultation has been carried out with the parents and staff of our school as well as with the school's neighbours.

London SW20 9NS

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2014-11-10 20:25:33 +0000

Great work, everyone - keep on signing! Just because Merton didn't think to consider us doesn't mean we have to stand silently by and let them just sell off our children's right to be educated at the school of their choice!

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