To: Michael Gove MP Environment Secretary

Protect Local Wildlife Sites in law

Protect Local Wildlife Sites in law

We petition the UK Environment Secretary, Michael Gove, to provide protection in law, and a means of funding for Local Wildlife Sites (LWS). We want him to grant them the same protection as Local Nature Reserves (LNR). There are 42,000 Local Wildlife Sites in England covering 5% of the land and only 1500 Local Nature Reserves. Thus LWS form a sizeable land area. We also wish now to include proposed LWS, because developers are blocking access to these sites so that they cannot be surveyed and registered. I hope that he will enforce obligatory regular maintenance which is suited to the habitat and enhance the biodiversity of wildlife of the particular LWS, rather than allowing the LWS to be built on first.

Why is this important?

LWS form vital links across the countryside to create a national network of habitats that provide refuges for our country’s diverse flora and fauna. They enable local children to learn about wildlife and habitats.

In contrast to LNRs, most of the Local Wildlife Sites are owned by private landlords or developers who allow the degradation of their land by not setting up any volunteer conservation schemes or funding. We want real protection for our LWS, not one that changes with housing policy. Protection of Local Wildlife Sites in law is vital for nature conservation. They have been selected by ecology experts for their value to nature. Therefore it is heart breaking to watch a LWS get so overgrown from neglect that rare wild flowers, birds and butterflies disappear from the site. LWSs are an important resource for children to learn about nature and for every one to get out in the fresh air and enjoy nature. They are local, providing humans with a link to the natural world. We do not want to lose them!

How it will be delivered

We will now have to wait for after June 8th General Election. I will keep you posted. Michael Gove is now the new Environment Secretary. Thus this petition is now more important than ever. Please ask all your friends to sign it also. We need more signatures before I can send it to Michael Gove.


Reasons for signing

  • I have signed because these sites are not only fragile and easily destroyed but so important to conserve and protect.
  • As an ecological surveyor I have surveyed unprotected wildlife sites that are as good or even better than SSSIs using SSSI selection criteria. Others are ecologically and amenity valuable. Many SSSIs are being damaged, neglected and developed. The UK is becoming environmentally degraded and appointing ministers ignorant or unappreciative of nature can only make matters worse.
  • We need to save open spaces for wildlife. They enhance wellbeing & provide places for the next generation to appreciate the natural world around them.


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