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To: Camden Council

Protect Millfield Lane from damage and closure.

UPDATE 13/04/16:

We Won! The council refused permission and we have sent out email to signatories telling them about the good news!

Protect Millfield Lane from damage and closure.

Reject Planning Application 2011/4390/P to redevelop the Water House on Millfield Lane, Highgate London N6.

Why is this important?

Camden Council is currently considering plans to demolish an existing 4-bedroom house and build a mansion more than double the size including two basements and a swimming pool. These works will cause unacceptable disruption and permanent damage to Millfield Lane, also known as ‘Nightingale Lane’, an historic semi-rural track on the eastern side of Hampstead Heath.

In 2010, the owner withdrew a previous application on the advice of the Council. We call on Camden Council to reject this amended application as little has changed since then in terms of size and the harm it will cause to the local environment and, in particular the Bird Sanctuary Pond.

• Using Millfield Lane will be dangerous:
Millfield Lane is simply too narrow and unsuitable for so many HGV movements and does not provide a safe ‘refuge’ for pedestrians, cyclists or wheelchair users to pass the HGVs in accordance with Health & Safety requirements (see video link on campaign website). The Water House is situated opposite Kenwood Ladies’ Pond and vehicles would also need to use this entrance for turning purposes, putting visitors to the pond at risk and blocking any access for emergency services.

• Closing Millfield Lane for 2 years:
To facilitate literally 1000s of HGV & LGV vehicle movements, Camden Council is suggesting that Millfield Lane is closed while the mansion is built, diverting ‘normal’ users across the Heath. Such a closure will affect thousands of Londoners and tourists who visit the Heath every year including pedestrians, cyclists, joggers, disabled users and those visiting the Ladies' Pond.

• The development will cause permanent harm to Hampstead Heath:
The developer has also proposed cutting back greenery and pruning trees along the lane to facilitate vehicle access. This is totally unacceptable and will permanently damage this un-spoilt semi-rural setting adjacent to Hampstead Heath.
Construction vehicles with an estimated loading of 23,000 tonnes (that equates to 60 fully-laden Jumbo Jets) will lead to inevitable noise, pollution and dust and the compaction of tree roots, damaging dozens of trees along the lane including 3 veteran Oaks that are hundreds of years old.
In addition, the drainage scheme for the basement involves discharging ground water via a gravel ditch directly onto Hampstead Heath. This risks uncontrolled surface water flooding and damage to the water quality in the Bird Sanctuary Pond.

Groups that support Friends of Millfield Lane include:

Heath & Hampstead Society
Highgate Society
Highgate Conservation Area Advisory Committee
Highgate Mens' Pond Association
Kenwood Ladies' Pond Association
Fitzroy Park Residents Association
Direct Neighbours

Hampstead Heath, London Borough of Camden

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