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To: Manchester City Council

Protect the Aytoun trees in Manchester city centre

25/10/21 We did it!

The Aytoun Barks Back campaign has just heard that we have succeeded in our aim to safeguard 'our' trees with a Tree Preservation Order. Huge thanks to everyone who signed the petition and helped lobby Manchester Council to make this happen. We will continue to monitor very closely plans for the space which the trees surround; people can follow news of the continuing campaign to keep the trees safe at and Twitter @AytounBarksBack.

Protect the Aytoun trees in Manchester city centre

We want the Council to agree to the proposal by local residents to place a Tree Preservation Order on the 31 large London plane trees between Aytoun, Minshull, Major and Bloom Streets in Manchester city centre. Over 100 people asked the Council to do this in December 2020 - they have still not replied to us. So we are taking the campaign wider!

Why is this important?

We want to make sure no developers can decide to chop down this 'horseshoe' of magnificent trees as part of any building on the site (currently empty space used for car parking). The Greater Manchester Ecology Unit has said: 'Tree cover, and particularly cover from mature broadleaved trees, is very scarce in the city centre and therefore the trees are an important local resource for wildlife'. Every evening you can see different species of birds roosting there.
The trees also play an important part in keeping the city's air cleaner. This makes their presence highly relevant to the Council's aim of making Manchester a zero-carbon city - to achieve the target date of 2038, carbon emissions will need to reduce by 13 per cent every year.
The Neighbourhood Manager has said that they are 'a wonderful arboreal asset' for the city centre'. We agree - and we hope you do too! Please sign our petition and share it with friends and family. For updates on the campaign you can follow us on Twitter @AytounBarksBack

Manchester, UK

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