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To: Hertsmere Borough Council

Protect the Borehamwood Trees & Wildlife in Well End

Protect the Borehamwood Trees & Wildlife in Well End

The Council MUST protect the land

Why is this important?

We are extremely concerned that an anonymous, greedy developer has begun to unlawfully chop down trees and hedgerows in Well End, on the corner of Potters Lane and Well End Road in Borehamwood. The trees are our future, as is the wildlife, which needs the special habitat that the land offers.

To turn up with chainsaws and axes with no thought for the wildlife or bats whose homes have already been destroyed is an outrage. It has also distressed many local residents and neighbours.

We demand that:

1) The affected area is designated a "Conservation Area" immediately, so that the remaining trees and wildlife are protected.

2) The developer is prohibited from chopping down more trees.

3) No more Council land on Well End is sold off to private speculators or developers.


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