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To: East Cambridgeshire District Council

Protect the future of Fosters Mill, Swaffham Prior

Protect the future of Fosters Mill, Swaffham Prior

Protect the future of Fosters Mill, Swaffham Prior by excluding Site Site/28/07 from the Draft Local Plan, land adjacent to 38 Mill Hill, Swaffham Prior, Cambridgeshire

Why is this important?

The future of Fosters Mill, Swaffham Prior is threatened by proposals to build houses on land to the east of the mill. The land is the only land close to the mill which remains as open countryside and from this direction, the mill gets its only source of unfettered, clean wind. From all other directions, the wind is already impacted by housing development and trees. Development on site 28/07 will reduce the number of days the mill can work and risk further damage to the mill from turbulence created by houses and trees should development be permitted.

Further, the development will impact the setting of two listed windmills, Fosters Mill and the Smock Tower Windmill. Swaffham Prior is one of a handful of sites in the UK where two windmills remain proud on the skyline. By preventing development, you are helping protect this view for future generations.

Swaffham Prior

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Reasons for signing

  • The Mill would clearly suffer if this development was to go ahead. The views would be spoilt by adding additional houses at this location
  • Clearly this development would have a negative impact on production at the Mill. We should be safe-guarding the future of the Mill - one that is listed and fully operational should be protected. Additionally, I wouldn't welcome the disruption, noise, dust and additional traffic that developing a new site would bring.
  • It threatens the commercial viability of what is a valuable and rare example of our industrial heritage. Reduced wind, reduced flour, reduced income, redundant mill, no mill. What sense is there in that?


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