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To: Local community

Public Skatepark in Coulsdon

Public Skatepark in Coulsdon

Build or Add a Public Skatepark in Coulsdon

Why is this important?

Coulsdon is a great town with so many great things to offer, but our town keeps growing in population; with more families and children I fear that as our children grow up there isn’t a lot for them to do.
Their is a few parks near by but most of them aren’t really designed for older children or teenagers or within walking distance.

This petition will encourage young people to be active and healthy. A skate park is a great place for kids, teens, and adults to meet, have fun, and be active. A skate park can be used as an outlet to prevent teenagers from anti-social behaviour.

If like me you believe that a Skatepark will be a great addiction to our town please sign and share.


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