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To: Grant Schapps - Transport Secretary

Put tactile tiles on ALL railway platforms - stop fatalities

Put tactile tiles on ALL railway platforms - stop fatalities

Blind people need tactile tiles/paving to negotiate train stations and maintain safe independence - put tactile tiles on ALL railway platforms.

Why is this important?

A coroner’s hearing blamed lack of tactile tiles for a blind man’s death. Although these sound like harrowing, rare incidents, falls from platforms due to a lack of tactile paving happen all too often according to the Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB).

It says studies have shown that blind or partially sighted people make up 15% of all those who fall from platforms, despite representing only 3.3% of the UK's population, although no specific numbers were provided.

It said it was "aware of several similar occurrences" where the lack of tactile paving may have contributed to people with sight loss falling onto railway tracks.

Currently, 40% of mainline railway stations in England, Scotland and Wales do not have tactile paving - that amounts to about 1,000 stations. The rail network in Northern Ireland has tactile paving on all its platform edges, according to the RNIB.

Cleveland's death happened in the same London region as Artur's fall. "I'm angry that's it's still happening eight years after me," Artur says. "I'm angry because no one did anything.".

Since 1998 the government has said the implementation of tactile paving should be "considered" in new developments and improvement schemes at stations. Guidance it reiterated in 2021 but currently, it is not a legal requirement to incorporate it.

Artur says: "It is incomprehensible to me that almost a quarter of a century wasn't long enough to install tactile paving.
"It only shows that the rail industry doesn't care enough about the health and safety of disabled passengers."

This has been advocated for over 25 years! What is stopping this measure except lack of commitment?



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