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To: Local Planning Authorities & English Heritage

PVCu can suit Grade II

PVCu can suit Grade II

High quality period looking PVCu windows should be considered and allowed in Grade II listed buildings and also conversation areas.

Why is this important?

Many people who live in Grade II listed buildings and conservation areas have to endure ill fitting, cold and drafty windows or suffer the cost of replacement timber windows that are far more expensive than an equivalent PVCu counterpart.
Over the past few years much time, effort and money has been spent designing highly efficient PVCu windows with a period feel that will compliment and enhance any period property and listed building. These windows make living in an older property far more pleasant, save money and the environment and keep their well kept period look and charm without the need of future maintenance (filling, painting etc.).
It is understandable why badly made, cheap and nasty PVCu windows should never be allowed to spoil a period property, but with new window systems such as the 'Bison Genesis VS' all the benefits of a modern 'A' rated, low maintenance window could be enjoyed by occupants of older and listed properties. These modern. authentic period looking windows really do bring living in an older property out of the Dark Ages and are a cost effective, green alternative to timber.


Reasons for signing

  • Developing a grade ll listed building which has 50 single glazed steel critall windows to replace.Planners will allow them to be changed to timber or aluminium! so why not uPVC?
  • Developing a Grade II listed building in Harrogate. All windows need replacing. 43 windows in total. Would welcome any feedback where listed building consent has been obtained PVC installation. email me?
  • Heat conservation with good looking double gazing i.e. modern design, is a must


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