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To: DPEA Scottish Reporter

Ravelrig Balerno - save our Green Belt!

Ravelrig Balerno - save our Green Belt!

Refuse permission for the proposal for
350 houses on Green Belt land near Ravelrig, Balerno.

Why is this important?

The development would take place within the Green Belt, on prime agricultural land - a finite resource that is being eroded year on year.

Our local communities are struggling with traffic congestion and pollution from recent developments, environmental degradation and loss of community identity.

This proposal would provide the wrong housing in the wrong place.

Our communities are tired of being routinely ignored by the planning system which is heavily weighted in favour of the developers interests. It is time that our collective voice was heard.

Juniper Green, UK

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Reasons for signing

  • You are suffering just what we are in East Calder. City Edinburgh Council trying to use greenfield site adjacent to West Lothian near an already congested A71 I support you now please support my petition on Save our greenbelt.
  • Not needed , no travel infrastructure
  • This is green belt land and prime agricultural land, there is limited public transport into the city and the A70 and A71 are already congested. The site is accessed from a steep narrow country lane unsuitable for 300+ more cars.


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